The California Care project is one of our favorite brand identities. The owner approached us in 2014. She needed a design concept for her private senior care and hospice concept. Very important for her was that the design looked friendly, warm and human, in one word "un-clinical”.  After we presented a few sketches of possible logo directions, the one that is shown here was an instant success. The combination of the two characters forming a hand with some warm glow woven into was the perfect representation of the vision she had for her company. Eventually, California Care became very successful and was sold only a few years later.
Having helped many entrepreneurs in the health industry defining their vision, creating products and launching brands, is always an exciting journey and something that never gets old. If you have a concept and would like to talk with us, just give us a call. We love it when ideas become success stories. It's not the vision that matters, it's where you take it. Give us a call: 213.341.1642
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