We are the creative partner of emerging tech and manufacturing companies, helping define their purpose, disrupt the market, and set the stage for sustainable growth.

At the core of what we do are two things: Consulting and Design. Consulting that analyzes the status and provides a diagnosis - and design that delivers the medication. 
Our job is to offer a fresh perspective to old problems, an unbiased 10,000 ft view to a situation a company may be struggling with: How can we sell more? How can we expand our audience? How can we introduce a challenger product? How can we tap into a new market?
As a strategic branding and design studio in Los Angeles, we create corporate and consumer brands that are as successful in the United States as well as in Europe or Asia. We develop engaging experiences for our clients in the tech and manufacturing sectors that range from brand identities and visual systems to digital, retail and B2B communications. With innovative ideas that disrupt, and design that connects.
Our Capabilities
Through a face-to-face workshop, we help bring clarity to where your brand stands in the eyes of the consumer, and what it stands for. We reveal its brand essence. Once armed with that result, your business can communicate the brand story to your customers (and team) with more focus and clarity. Engaging with marketing providers (website, social media, trade shows) will become easy, effortless and more effective.
· Visual identity and logotypes
· Brand strategy and development
· Communication strategy
· Corporate and product names
· Naming systems
· Slogans and taglines
· Copywriting
· Brand applications
· Package design
· POS design
· Digital material design
· Print material design
· Advertisements
· Corporate/Product brochures
· Tradeshow graphics/signs
· Web design & development
· Application design & development
· Information architecture
· User Experience Design (UX)
· User Interface design (UI)
· Banner ads
· Video/Animations (sample)
· Powerpoint/Keynote presentations
We bring together strategic thinking, creative fire, and practical know-how to help entrepreneurs realize their vision.

Our approach is as practical as it is visionary while keeping things as simple as possible. Our 4-step program helps to transform an idea into a tangible product or service offering people want to buy. It begins with a vision and a clear definition of the value you want to create, and it ends with a product that builds assets. 
Having developed over 300 brands, we have found this 4-step program very effective to manage the process: Discover, Define, Design, and Deliver. (Bonus: Dance like nobody’s watching, when we were successful)
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